The International Theatre Workshop Forum in Budapest incorporates workshops from the world’s leading experts in acting methods and actor training approaches; discussions related to the workshops and the topic of ongoing training, and theatre performances selected for this unique experience.

Central to our practice is the concept of ongoing theatre training. The aim of the Forum is to create a place for professional development and exchange in the field of performing arts.These programs are open to amateurs and professionals alike to explore and share the methods created by the greatest masters of theatre. We invited workshop-leaders with practices that has regular training, development, ongoing learning, teaching, exploring and researching in their core.

Ongoing training programs:

  • Two-day practical workshop and Q&A of PEM Acting by Sarah Victoria
  • A week-long workshop, open lecture and work presentation of Viewpoints and Composition by Ellen Lauren and Will  Bond founding members of SITI Company
  • One-day workshop and dissemination event of the InPerTrain Project – an Individual Performer Training Structure
 In 2021, the event was implemented for the first time in Budapest.