InPerTrain Presentation and Discussion

The Accompanying Events of the International Theatre Workshop Forum are programs besides the practical workshops. These occasions are open to anyone who is interested in the themes but does not necessarily attend the workshops.
Participation at the Accompanying Events is free of charge, but online registration is mandatory due to the limited number of places.

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InPerTrain Presentation and Discussion
As part of the Dissemination Event of the InPerTrain Project, an open presentation and discussion will be held between 16.00-18.00 after the morning practical workshop.

During the afternoon event, Gábor Viktor Kozma and Mátyás Marofka, researchers and practitioners of the project, will present the outcome of the 20-month educational research program.

The InPerTrain Project
Individual Performer Training (InPerTrain) is an innovation in the performer’s training practices: research on individual performer training structures and methodologies supported by Erasmus+.
The partnership of Ladder Art Company, the University of Arts Târgu-Mures, and La Forge du Vallon has designed a project to address the upskilling needs of performers at the European level by co-creating a new innovative solution in performer training. This 20-month-long project is to be realized in 2022-2023 with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU.
During the program, the partners are developing a manual, a training guide for performers with the aim of introducing innovation in performer training. The manual is a theoretical and practical guide for an individual actor-training structure. It provides performers a guideline to develop their own actor training program, which can be done regularly and individually, in order to maintain and improve their performing skills.

InPerTrain Dissemination Event in Hungary – 29th October 2023
As part of the International Theatre Workshop Forum, a Dissemination Event will take place in Budapest to present the outcome of the InPerTrain Project. Through a one-day practical workshop and discussion, Gábor Viktor Kozma and Mátyás Marofka, researchers and practitioners of the project, will present the written manual and its practical application.

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